Counterfeit money

Sunshine Coast

2020-12-14 11:08 PST

File # 2020-8520

Sunshine Coast RCMP would like to warn the public that there have been a few instances recently where retailers have been given counterfeit money.

In the most recent instance, a customer attempted to pass a counterfeit $20 bill at a Sechelt convenience store. The alert cashier noticed that there were some discrepancies with the bill and notified the customer that it was counterfeit.

The Bank of Canada website provides great advice such as:

During a transaction

If you suspect that you’re being offered a counterfeit note, assess the situation to ensure that you are not at risk. Then, do the following:
- Politely refuse the note and explain that you suspect that it may be counterfeit.
- Ask for another note (and check it too).
- Advise the person to check the note with the local police.
- Inform your local police of a possible attempt to pass suspected counterfeit money.
- Be courteous. Remember that the person in possession of the bill could be an innocent victim who does not realize that the note is suspicious.

After a transaction

If you suspect that you’ve received a counterfeit note, give it to the local police.
- If it’s real, you’ll get it back.
- Either way, the police should be informed of possible counterfeiting activity in your community. Timely reporting helps police and prosecutors bring counterfeiters to justice.

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