Coquitlam RCMP recognizes International Women’s Day


2023-03-08 06:57 PST

International Women’s Day is March 8. This day is a time to raise awareness of the progress made towards achieving gender equality and to recognize the contributions and leadership of women.

This year, we want to showcase some of the many women, both municipal employees and officers, who work for Coquitlam RCMP. These incredible women are making a difference in their communities, raising each other up and following their dreams.

International Women’s Day also provides time to reflect on the challenges and barriers women across the world continue to face.

According to the RCMP’s employee diversity statistics for 2022, women make up 21.8% of current serving officers, 50.3% of civilian members and 74.3% of public service employees.

To learn more about International Women’s Day, visit the Government of Canada’s website.

Meet some of the women serving your community:

Cst. Megan Neumann

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Constable Megan Neumann

Current Role: General Duty Constable

Years of Service: Just under 1 year

Career Highlight: Since I started, I have noticed people naturally gravitate towards me. I believe that female officers can have a calming effect that resonates well with others in a crisis. I will always remember one particular mental health call where I brought a person to the hospital for assistance and they held my hand almost the entire time we waited for them to see a Doctor. They were having a tough night and they were feeling lost. The individual thanked me when I left and said they wouldn’t forget the kindness and compassion that I gave them.

Advice for young girls: As a female member of the RCMP who embarked on my career at a later age than most officers do, I was able to successfully break down many barriers that can seem daunting and intimidating. The world of policing isn’t one that a lot of women think they have the strength to take on. Women have the strength, the mental capacity, the problem-solving skills and the heart that make them extremely capable in this career. If law enforcement is an interest to you, then what are you waiting for? Start the process now! Soon you will become part of a tight-knit family and will also get to help change lives.

Stephanie Funk

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Stephanie Funk

Current role: Victim Services Caseworker

Years of Service: 1 year

Career Highlight: I feel the most pride when I am working with a victim of intimate partner violence. I help them understand the violence they experienced is not okay, there are supports available, and providing accurate information about our system in Canada. A number of victims’ fear that reporting abuse will result in their children being taken away, which is not the case. By helping them deconstruct fear and providing accurate information, such as understanding that the violence they have experienced is not okay – is where I feel I make a difference.

Advice for young girls: Being a victim service worker is a very rewarding career. You get to play a unique role, interact with various parties of the criminal justice system, problem solve and help people in crisis. I would encourage young girls to volunteer at a local victim service agency or be open to auxiliary work. Building experience is very helpful if you would like to pursue this line of work.

Cst. Ashleigh Daniels

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Constable Ashleigh Daniels

Current role: Youth Detail Team

Years of Service: 7 years

Career Highlight: One of my favorite moments was conducting my first Child Interview. I was able to help a young child have their voice heard. I was happy to give that child a positive police experience during a difficult time.

Advice for young girls: I knew I wanted to be a Police Officer at a very young age. I had many obstacles to overcome in order to obtain my dream, however my best advice is to never give up. No matter what your goals or dreams are, keep going and work hard until you obtain your goal. Being a Police Officer gives you an amazing opportunity to help your community and watch it grow in a positive light.

Cpl. Nicola Olson

View larger photo – Cpl. Nicola Oslon

Corporal Nicola Olson

Current role within the RCMP: Criminal Investigation Department

Years of Service: 16 Years

Career Highlight: One of my career highlights is when I worked as a facilitator at RCMP Depot in Regina. While I was there, I taught new cadets (police officers in training) policy, process and law. This was a challenging role as each new troop had different life experiences, strengths and individual challenges but I found it very rewarding. I loved being a part of the beginning of so many officers’ careers with the RCMP.

Advice for young girls: Law enforcement, particularly with the RCMP, is an adventure. From the first shift, each members’ experience differs. The variety of policing pushes you to develop and experience a wide variety skills and knowledge not seen in any other career. It connects you with our diverse populations in Canada. You can experience living and policing anywhere from large cities to remote northern communities.

Julia Nygra

View larger photo – Julia Nygra

Julia Nygra

Current role: Victim Support Worker

Years of Service: 23 years

Career Highlight: The most rewarding part of my career has been organizing and delivering training sessions to the public and police. I feel I make a difference by sharing knowledge based on experience and research which creates awareness and better understanding of trauma, societal issues and how Victim Services helps.

Advice for young girls: Dare to dream - nothing is impossible. Do not let self doubt or the negativity of others dissuade you from pursuing your dreams. Surround yourself with positive supportive individuals. If you have a passion about a career, talk to someone who works within your chosen profession. You can gain a lot of insight on the requirements and demands of a job through conversation. I would encourage volunteering for an agency that will help you gain understanding, training and experience that you may need to help you progress and/or assess if it is a career you are willing and able to pursue.

S/Sgt. Jolaine Percival

View larger photo – S/Sgt. Jolaine Percival

Staff Sergeant Jolaine Percival

Current role: NCO i/c of Community Policing and Victim Services

Years of Service: 25 years

Career Highlight: I was asked to speak at the 4th Annual Human Rights Conference in Miami – on Diversity and The RCMP’s support for their members. I’m half Japanese and am keenly aware of diversity issues. I have worked hard over the course of my career and have had many highlight experiences. I’m also an instructor on the Lower Mainland Integrated Tactical Security Group. Being a part of this team has provided me with many unique experiences such as the Stanley Cup riot, the G8/G20 Riot in Toronto, countless protests and wildfire deployments. This has been such a rewarding aspect of my career and I try to engage and promote the RCMP in every instance I have.

Advice for young girls: Every single day is different. You’re not sitting at a desk, reviewing the same documents day in and day out. For this, I’m thankful. It’s a challenging career, where you’re able to help people, defuse situations and problem solve. It’s extremely rewarding and if your interested in a career in law enforcement, come speak to us. I became a police officer because of my School Liaison officer in my small home town of Pender Harbour (on the Sunshine Coast). I knew back then that I wanted to help people that weren’t able to help or protect themselves.

Natalie Kroeker

View larger photo – Natalie Kroeker

Natalie Kroeker

Current role: Communications Operator 3 (Police dispatcher)

Years of Service: 30 years

Career Highlight: I have had a few highlights throughout my career. The time I felt that I made a difference was my role in dispatching an active shooter file in 2017. I later received an OIC award for dispatching that file. I also had the unique experience of meeting the Commissioner of the RCMP, Brenda Lucki.

Advice for young girls: Policing is a great career but if being a police officer on the road isn’t necessarily for you, you can also have a great career and make a difference being the voice behind the scenes, being the first point of contact by taking non-emergency and 9-1-1 calls, helping the public and assisting police officers in responding to those calls.

If you are interested in a career with the RCMP, please visit the RCMP’s webpage on careers or attend a recruiting event in your area.

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