The Police Service Dogs of British Columbia - Narc

B.C., Police Dog Services

2023-02-28 14:00 PST

Each month the BC RCMP will feature a police dog from around the province including the Lower Mainland District Integrated Police Dog Service (IPDS) which includes partners from the Abbotsford, Delta, New Westminster, Port Moody and West Vancouver Police departments.

Police Service Dog - Narc 

Dog’s name: Narc

Dog’s reg number: 1185

Posting: E Division (BC)

Handler’s name: S/Sgt Luke Rettie

Dog’s age: 2 years old

Dog’s years of service: 6 months

Working profiles: Human remains detection and avalanche search & rescue

Dog’s favourite toy/reward: Tug toy/bite bar

Dog’s favourite off duty activity: Hiking with handler, and Gipsi and Raven (two German shepherd pets that live at home)

Thing that would surprise you about the dog: Despite his size, Narc is a big friendly goofball that loves scratches.

Memorable call: Narc has found the remains of 3 missing persons in his 6 months of service. Narc hopes this provides some answers for their families and friends.


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